Saturday, February 20, 2010


i didnt go to my zura's place this week. why? coz of my eldest pig sister who changed her mind at last minute. she's like no money to go to her place, petrol, tol, wtv la. i mean that cant be the reason la. just ask papa for cash, end of story kn? gave me stupid dupid excuses pulak. and when i wanna online. she'll say, 'cepat, aku nk online jugak'! i was like, fuck u? i blom access this goddamn broadbnd pun kot. chill la bitch. i hate it when i'm alone with her kay?? and my lifeless parents off course. uggh. i cant wait for zura to come back. oh and she'll be getting her first pay next monday, and she promised me we'll go shopping after she got her first pay! yeayy! hahha. i lovee her la. she's my coolest sister! not just bcause she has tthe money, but she understands me beside my bestfriends! my 2 other sisters? uhh. no comment, haha!
ohh btw, i've washed my shoes and bag. yesterday. so tiring. and i'm having terrible priod pain okayyy? feel like giving birth pulak! hahhahahhahaha! LOL. i cant wait for monday, bukan sbb i miss studies, but i miss my friendssss! amanda, shamira,alya& asyura, be prepared to waste ur time listening my stories during tis cny hols! hahha