Saturday, March 6, 2010

tiring school carnival.

i was incharge for hairspray with sham and we finished everything around 10. awesome righttt? haha. and guess what, ramai gila kp yang datang, and they're so annoying.  uggh. i'm so tired la, went mv with bell, sarah,bie, and aus. and they're really cool :) so, since carnival's over, its time to be excited for ICC CONCERT! HAHA.

ohh. since it has been awhile since i last blogged, i'll try to write evrything, as short as i can,
so lst friday, haha. THE BEST PART.
flyfm myvi troopers came to my school. i was with sham. my god. i did something really scary la. hahah. stupid leaves. but at least i got something from flyfm. hihi. ohh and they asked for flyfm's tagline, and i answered punye tagline, so he was like, owhhkayyy. hahha. stupid me -____-. and after that, we went to amcorp to get more hairsprays and i got my haircut. again. aww. thanx to sham for temaning me.hehe.but before that, my form teacher changed our class position. IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR KAYY. only those indian gang yg bising, but the whole class kne tukar. fck it la. but nvm la. i got to convienced her to remain my position, but i'm no longer sitting with amanda but pavithra instead. not bad la. she's fine. and sham's place is nearer now. yeay. more time to gossip. hahha