Saturday, April 10, 2010

sports day was cool and tiring. clare got second :( but whatever. clare is still the champ in my heart. lol. i helped out with the house deco and i ended up with my glittery hand and face. haha. when i say tiring, yes. i mean it. i planned to go mv right after sports day, but i had a terrible headache till i puked. so i slept for 4 hours at home. heee.

anyway, i'm pissed. yes i am.idk what the fuck is ur problem.i think you're trying to make me jealous, coz u're happy with him? well. screw u coz i dont. not at all. so u dont really have to add me over and over again on myspace so that you'll be happy to know that i already knew bout what happened between you and him?
omg. grow up la u, short whore.