Monday, June 14, 2010

today was a fairytale :)

Berjaya Times Square, 12th June 2010.

yeah, i'm happy. why?
cause we finally had our daytona battle. haha. we were suppose to have it last year, but so many things happened. though many things happened between us, we finally got to be together right?  i lost to him in that battle, but wtv kay? saje bagi chance. haha. but at least i didnt accidently gave my hand to some random indian guy like he did. ahhaha. it was really funny! dah hulur tgn kat prmpuan india, ble org ejek, nk malu2 plak. hahha. oh and we watched his movie. its called lagenda KERA. hahaha. and my sister's bf  is kinda lame. he likes to tease me. sepak kang. haha. and before we went home, my sister bully my kera!
she asked him to hold her roses. grr. dahla dpt red roses. i'm so jealous. and day before that, she told me that she actually dislikes flowers. she wants teddy bear instead. so when we saw her bf with a bouquet of flowers, i was like. omg. i seriously hate youuu! hahha. and her bf asked whether she likes it or not. and she was like, oh.. suka. suka sgt. eeeiii. but i'm touched that she actually willing to accompany me to meet him.
she promised me last year dy. but we never thought it'll happen right? so yeahh. though she's short, she's still my best sister! :)

we had so much fun together right sayang..?
sweet conversation at sweet chat and
and the best hang out moment at jelato fruity :)
we also enjoyed watching your movie kan?kan? hehe.

                                           my  sayang  S:)
                             i'm so in love with you, you know its true.
                                       i'm so happy to be with you
                                             i really need you
                                                i love you,
                                                 yes i do
               YOU BELONG WITH ME :D