Saturday, July 24, 2010

i'm on cloud 9 :)

21st July 2010.
after planning to watch eclipse together for so long, we finally made it. thanx a lot to my short sister. heee.
dengan slumbernya, masuk pakai school uniform. haha, though he was LATE, its okay. i'm such an understanding girlfriend, aren't i? so yeahh. but seriously, i think they should change the heroin's name la. its DAMN ANNOYING TO HEAR THAT NAME! potong gila lahh. and i think eclipse is just the same as new moon = boring. i wonder why most of them think that its awesome and all. it was just ok,ok. hehe.

oh, and earlier today, i attended , my school's interact installation. i didnt plan to go at first, cause i had other plan on that day. but come on la, its my school's interact club la. must support. hehe. so i went lorr. (eventhough i only had 4 hours of sleep last night)
i had terrible headache, but now i'm fine:)
i'm at my sister's house now. guess what? we planned to go for swimming here, but unfortunately, the pool is under renovation, so tak boleh nak swim-______-
so we finally played badminton. it was damn lame. i kept laughing till i almost died. hahah.
i'll be going back to my own boring house tmr, and start school on monday, haiyaaaaa.
i hate school, any problems? bear with it :p