Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm really bored.

i know it's late, and i couldnt sleep cause i'm having this stupid terrible period pain. MY GOD. its so annoyingggg! i tried so hard not to take the menstrual panadol, but its killing me. so the only thing that i'm aford to do is to guling guling on my bed. hahaha. yerrr... u know what sayang?? i'm so mad at you for sleeping super early tonight! but i dun have the heart to force you to text me cause i know u must be really tired and sleepy kan? so its okay.. i forgive you. cehh. haha. u must be really thankful for having a sweet girlfriend tau. its very hard to find one okay? hahaha.EH.EH. i finally figured out of what to do for my english oral. huh! damn ma fan la. seriously!! i bought the stuffs for 22 bucx, what a waste! and.and. thanx to my best tree, amanda for accompanying me to mv last friday. thanx babe. eei. i wanna watch eclipse so badly laaaaaa. really hope to watch it soon with him. only him! Grrr! HAHAHHA. alright2, i'm gonna cut the crap and off to bed now. nights :D