Sunday, June 12, 2011

last post :)

this might be my last post coz i'll be struggling for my spm when school reopens. kay, first of all. i would like to thank all my sisters for the great times we had during this hols. had an amazing holidays! jealous much? :p oh yeah, to my parents too. thanks sbb bawak gy cameron eventhough it wasnt really prepared, but i still had a great time tho. to Munira Ahmad & abg D, haha. thanks for inviting us to your place and brought us to Curve that night and watched diary of a whimpy kid yg sgt lah beshh!. it has been a while since i last gy curve. *sad life~ haha. to Zura Ahmad, thanks sgt2 for picking us up from home to your place. bukan sng dia ni nak drive jauh2. heheh. and thanks for the sunway outing yesterday and also the i-city last night. oh wait, morning :P even penat baru balik kenduri kawin, we still made it kan? HAHA. sunway, kenduri kawin, i-city. penat woo~ sokay, blue boleh buat, kte boleh buat :p you never break your promises, i know ;) thankyyouuuuuhhhh~ and to my one and only tulang, Miasara Ahmad, thanks for spending loads of time with me. whether you were having fun with me or terpaksa, i still had a great time! hehe. i'll miss you when you're off to France. i will, but not now. PUIHHH~ hahahhahahahha! btw kakya dah scan, and it's a baby BOY! hahaha. well~ i was hoping for a baby girl actually. but nvm. we shall name him DAFI. credits to SEPAH. hahahha.
seriously love my STRAWBERRY SISTERS :)
and my boyfriend for a year, Syabil too. hehe