Monday, August 30, 2010

ketidak puasan hati

i hate it when i want something and i didn't get it at that time and then i'll regret for not forcing them to get for me. :( i'm talking bout this super cool high heels. its shinny black with super high heels. like my court shoe, but way cooler. i was broke yesterday since i bought something dy. my dad was suppose to pay me 50 bucx cause i bought some stuffa and he have not pay me back. eyerrr. i want that shoe!  i've told my dad bout it, and he's like why didnt you use your sister's money first? owh yeaahhh. i totally forgot that i was with my sister. syira.syira. sengal sungguh kamu ni. haiyaa. wtv la. but itsokay:) that heels is really high. its not like i can wear when i go out with him pun. hehe. so isokayyy :)