Saturday, August 28, 2010

so sorry you're leaving....

yo'u'll seriously be missed babe. we've been classmates for 4 years and honestly, i really thank god for giving me such a great friend like you. you understands my 'weird' attitude very well and you were never offended with whatver i said, or i did to you. you're such a forgiven person. we had many memories together right? i'll miss the moments when i'm like your personal 'library'. you just lovee to borrow my books. haha. and i'll misss the moments when you'll be my 'borrowing tudung session mates'. hahah. we love to do that right? borrow tudung from next class. :D  sham and i just lost our lepak mates. :( unfortunately, you'll have to lepak with white ppl there i guess? wow. cool. hahah.
My dear L.B ;)
thanx and sorry for everything that i've done. i'm glad to have such friend like you. friendship never end  and i'll always pray for you success and happiness. i know you'll achieve your goals in life. never give up and you know, WE ALL LOVEE YOU!