Sunday, September 26, 2010

and this is how i feel :/

 alright.  frst of all,  secret is something that is suppose to be hidden. meaning that you are not suppose to reveal it to anyone lahh kay? get it?. i never thought my friend would so-called-betray me la.i told you what i felt about  their attitude towards me, and you actually told them. its human nature i guess.they just cant keep secrets.  itsoookayy. i'm used to it. i may look like this lame and crazy girl outside, but i'm totally different inside. i trust you coz i thought your were my friend. but i guess i was wrong.

and for the rest of you, its not like i want you guys to treat me like a princess or anything. i just want you to treat me equally. you guys actually ditch me coz of her. coz she's pretty? i know she's really pretty. but come on! we've been friend for soo long. we were really close kan? then ttbe nk ditch aku camtu je? is that fair? i dun think so. fine if you guys are annoyed with my attitude. i know i can be really annoying at times but just dont do this to me. insult me in front of HER? like seriously? maybe you didnt mean it in a bad way, but you know i dont like it kan? i dun have any issue with her. i dont. she's my friend. but im just jealous of her. and you guys know why. ive got nothing else to say here. if you have anything to talk to me, ade tak puas hati, then just talk to me FACE TO FACE. that's all,i can say. thanx for reading and i want you guys to know that i love all of you. and i treasured our friendship. and if this is the end of our friendship, i'll try to accept it :)