Wednesday, October 6, 2010

laila's wedding ceremony

 2nd october 2010.
my eldest sis got married to her newly wed hubby Darussalam Mohri. this picture was taken after the akad nikah thingy, and the saddest part is that i didnt even get to see that akad nikah thingy. it was one of the mst important thing i really really want to experienced. unfortunately, the tok kadi nk rushing sgt smpai the bride's family pun tk sempat nk tgk. i cried of course! i really wanna  watch that moment lahhh. haihh.
and after that was the 'berinai' session. everything went smoothly as we planned except for some family yg dtg just nk iritate my family. wtf. dont care bout you ppl la. GILA. btw, thanks to my greatest cousin kak lenny for 'transforming' me to a beautiful girl that night. cehhh. but seriously, i think i look really pretty that night. her make up was damn awesome. but my tudung sucks, as usual. hahah.

3rd october 2010

i thank god for giving us such a wonderful weather on that day. i dont know what will happen if it rains. it was such a sunny day. and there were so many people who came! it was a total blast. and the best part was, my sister wants me to be in charge of all the songs for that day. i took around 2 days to download all my fav songs. and when the deejay plays it, i was like awwwww. LOL. and my friends??  i'd like to thank Amanda, Syeera, Alief, Zerra & Syabil for coming. ONLY THEM.

             to my new brother in law Darussalam Mohri, please take a very good care of our sister. we all believe that you can make her happy and may God bless your marriage :)

*more pics will be uploaded soon*