Monday, September 13, 2010

my errrr. not so cool raya? hahah

Selamat Hari Raaaaayyaaaaa!

                                                               meet the parents :)

                                                                   meet my beloved sisters

                                                                and my beloved SYABIL

alright. so today is the fourth day of hari raya. and guess where am i? lying on my bed, onlining and of course, updating my not so intresting blog. hahha. so, how was my raya going along? hmm. it was not as interesting as the previous year. when we grew older, we wouldnt feel as excited like when we were small. seriously. so, i went back to my mom's hometown on the first day of raya. cuase we had to wait for zura as she finished working at 4 pm. so yeah. we didnt go anywhere that  night, so it was kinda boring. second day? ugh, it was tiring, but cooool. oh!oh! and the part that i hate the most during hari raya, is when my relatives keep saying than im taller than my eldest sis,   it looks as if im the eldest in the family, and  all those annoying things. like omg. cant you just keep it to yourself? i dun like it. and this year, so far, my ang pow not so rich yet. haha. maybe cause some of them thought that im already working, so they stop giving angpows dy. likeee noooooo.
i'm only 16. eh, i mean 15+++ heheh. and thanx to my sis for giving me such HUGE amount of angpow.hehe. thanx thanx thanx. love you ZURA.