Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when RAYA is around the corner.....

i went shopping today :) my plan was to get red outfit for my sister's wedding nct month. and i finally got it la. thank god lah. and then, i found this really cute curtain. its soo adoreable. so, ape lagi? itll be a waste if i didnt get them. hehe. then after that my sister said that we need a new bedsheet. so we bought it too. haha. damn cun kan? plan nk beli bju kebaya je. and we got so many things. alright, here comes the best and unbelievable part. i can't believe what i did today but i freaking painted my room. err. with mia and we only painted half! it was tiring okay? so in short, i'm SO proud of myself. hahah. but thats not all. i need to do the house chores tomorrow. there are loads to do. and the worst part is, ill be having my dance practice tomorrow. haihhh. im sorry lah. but i just cant make it. raya is jus in a few days lah. sorry for the inconvenience lah. really hope they understand. oh. and :( zura wont be here on raya morning. she'll be working from 7-4.15. hahha. awww. kesian kesian. its okayyyy :) petang tu balik jgak. hehe. i'll be really bored without you, short leg sista! l-o-v-e you, pendek/kenit/bantut! hehe :D