Monday, September 6, 2010

tall? haihhhh -_____-

sometimes, i hate the fact that i'm tall. why? okok. here are a few examples :

1. mama  : keeeeeeeeen! tolong mama bukak langsir.
       me : abby kan ade. kakya kan ada. suruh la dorang.
        mama: ktorang semua pendek. tak sampai. kau kn tinggi.
(with my angry face, FINE. i've no other excuse!) 

2. papa : keeeeen, petang nnti, tolong lap kipas.
                      me : alaa. mama suruh bukak langsir tadi. suruh lah abby plak.
            papa : alaaa. kau kan tinggi, senang lah nk lap kipas tu. 
 dorang pendek, ssh nk panjat kerusi.
me : hmmm. tgk la nnti. kalau tak penat.
( omg. why me?? )

3. mama : keeeeen. nnti tolong lap kan tingkap. lap bahagian atas skali. dh bhabuk.
me : abby tak bleh buat?
mama : dorang buat nnti tak kene bahagian atas. kau kn tinggi. sng skit.
me : (......damn......)

so the conclusion  is :
when it comes to RAYA, shorties and dwarfs should be thankful because they cant really do much. compared to tall people lah kan? sbb they cant reach high things. hahha. and. i really wish i were shin chan coz shin chan is so feaking short and cute.   
hehehheheh :)