Monday, December 20, 2010

It's my life, and It's now or never :)

first of all. gmba atas ni tkde kne mngena. hahaha. i just think they're cute. heeeee.
i'm currently staying with my sister kat shah alam. yeah, going back to my home sweet home tonight. oh jap, sweet ke? HAHA. anyways, many things happened here. yeah, so dramatic. haha. no seriously, had the best moment, scariest moment, as in kena maki sume. ok fine, that was seriously my fault and mmg layak kena pun. cut the crap, wtv. so 7 days here? well....... i had a totally great time with my sisters. lama gila tak lepakk sme2 sume. yeah coz the third one stay kat hostel kan? and the 2nd one working here. the first one jgn ckp lahh. dah kahwin. aww. nk kawin jugakk lah. ahahaha ok sorry, tergatal skjap. haha. eei ape ni. ok back to top. seriously, being here mcm merapatkan silaturahim? lol. we sleep together, bgun sme2, tp bgun pkul 1. hahhahahahah. damn uselesss.but unfortunately, shift zura ptg. so blek pkul 12, and tkbleh nk hangout mlm2 sgt. plg2 pun pg mamak. and i think ane kat mamak tu dh recognize sgt our faces. and he might be saying. "tkde keje ke anak2 dara ni lepak mamak mlm2'? hahah. so whatt mann? bayar kot? HAHAH. oh and we went swimming every evening here. cam jakun sket. pdahal kat umah cam mls nk mandi kan. hahahaha. ok tu pengotor. HAHAHAHA. oh and ptg td, mia and i played badminton. WTFF? i totally suck at it lah.sumpah loser. hahahah. kinda hate to say this. but she's kinda good at it. or tk tau lah maybe tmpat i cam windy kot? hahahah.ayat cover line :p and after that swimming. air cam dh kotor je? hahha. padan muka dorng. ktorng dh hijaukan air yg biru tu. eeeeei. hahaha. ok,kejam. haha. so yeahhh nnti papa fetch us balik. and kt puchong tkbleh nk on sgt. dammnn :( and yeah. there's only two weeks left for Me to have fun. and after that, hell is waiting for me. ughhh. anyways, just goood luck with my future lah kay? ♥syiira