Friday, December 31, 2010

THANKS 2010, You mean a lot to me :D

Finally, the day has come. It’s time for us to leave 2010. All the great moments  we had back then, it’s all changed into a memory.  ‘Bittersweet memories’.   that is the best description bout it. to be honest, 2010 isnt very interesting for me. Compared to 2009. I had a blast on 2009. But there’s only a thing that I think I’ll never forget this year. The day that I became his girlfriend. Syabil faziruddin, as you know, I’m officially your girl now. Finally right? Hehehe . and exams this year? Well, not that BAD.  Honestly, I didn’t really study this year. Didn’t really know what I was doing. Hahahahah. But surprisingly, my results, taklah teruk sgt. Still accepted by my parents. 

We did sooo many cool stuffs together kan? And I swear, sampai bila2 pun tkkn lupa. Though we kinda had issues with each other beginning of the year, but we made it! and the best part is, the choir competition . we only practiced for 2 days, and we got 2nd! WAKA WAKA was a brilliant idea guys! And and we took pictures in our 1 malaysia outfit . awwww. Love ittt! And next, the drama competition. It was among the malay girls only. And we got 2nd too! It was seriously sad okayyy? Bout jenazah stuff. So emoing. L to 4c1, choir and drama tu, nasib je korng mng kay? Wekkkkkk!! :p
*Amanda, shamira, kaylee, alya, and  sabrina!
5 crazy beautiful girl that exist in my freaking class this year!
You guys are AWESOMEZZZZ
Amanda Yew;
promise we’ll be friends POREBER kay?  You’re the greatest friend of mine. We’ve known each other for  freaking  6 yearsss! I’m gonna miss the moments we had together when school ends soon. Okay, lets not talk bout it kay? Don’t make me emo again. You know your friend here, damn pondan. Yes! That’s what you always call me. Pondan. Ughh -___- hahah.
Kaylee Ng ;
 My best friend when I was in standard 2. I was the monitor, and you were my assistant. Hehehe. We were so small back then. LOL. And I used to bully you in standard 3. :DD and we didn’t really talk to each other in std 4. And we were close again in std 5. And stopped talking to each other again when std 6 till in form2. WOW. And surprisingly, we were classmates last year and this year and and and, next year tooooo! Yeayyy! Finally got my bestfriend back! Hhahha. I love you babe! Thanks for being a great friend kay? And my ‘love story group mate’ with Amanda! HAHHAHAHA. Damn cunn! Remember to update us during this hols kay? ;D
Shammyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Aww. Sumpah kau best! Hahhah! You’re super blurr. Susah btol nk explain benda tauu. Her nickname, KABURRR~ hahahaha. We were classmates in form2. My monitor. Weren’t really close back then kan? Idk why. But this year? Haaa. Terlebih rapat smpai cikgu marah sbb bising. LOL. Seriously, when you’re around me, my mouth mcm tkbleh nk diam je. Ade je benda nk bgtau. Hahaha.
And bila class agama, msti carik tudung  sama2 kan? Hahahhaah. Msuk lmbat, ustazah pndang. Eh, at least tak skip her class kan? Hehe :D  and and. You’re my friend nk carik gaduh psl football. Remember world cup this year? Hahaha! Ejek2 smpai I nangis. Jahat betulllll. Yelah2, Spain menang nasib je. Germany rocks okayh? Hahah. And we wont get to tease each other during the next world cup. Mse tu dah 20. Old -_-

Alya Suraya ;
For some reason, I just don’t feel like writing bout you here, coz I know, stories bout you, will surely make me cry. Sigh… alright. First of all, Babe, sorry for everything. I know I was kinda mean to you in form 1 and 2. I guess? Haha. you were my classmates from form1. And suppose to be my classmate again next year, but I guess it won’t happen anymore? You’re in England now, so how the crap you’ll ever be my classmate again kan? It’s okay darl. We have fb. Can always chat there kan? We have to think positive!!! Hahhaa. But seriously, I miss you L and thanks for your letter. It means a lot to me babe. I know… I owe you my reply. Promise I’ll reply asap. Ohh my dearr ELBEE, Lazy Bumm! Hahaha. I miss your drawing! And what I miss the most is, when you were always there to help me during art class. Hehe. Take a very good care of yourself kay? You know I love you babe!

Sabrina Lee ;
Hey you! I used to hate you in form1. And I know you hate me too! LOL LOL . but we started to talk last year, remember? OMG. I miss that! Almost everyday, after tuition, you and I, mcd. Hahha. It sounds like a date huh? HAHA. but it was really nice of you to hear all stories. And you  were being such a good listener. I’m gonna miss that though.  Thankiuhhh. And and. Thanks for updating me bout Interacts stuffs. Heheh. So glad we’re finally friend before school ends :)

Asyura, Fasihah, Fasha, Erin, Ermi, Effa & Zerra.
Sorry if I’ve ever hurt anyone of you. I know kte gaduh haritu, and I think it was my fault, my bad. Sorry kay? Do forgive me. People make mistakes, and sometimes they keep making them. Deep from my heart, I’m  really really sorry. And thanks for being such a great friend of mine. Ok fine, tau lahh kadang2 aku cam annoying sket kan? Cakap sorry! Hahaha. So…sorry tauu. To effa and zerra, god know s how much I miss both of you! Tk sabar nk lepak lagi. Kt mne nk jumpa? Ahemm! Fhm2 lah ye? hihihihi :D

To the person that I’ve accidently hurt out there, I really am sorry. There’s no other word to apologize to you other than sorry right? Really hope you’ll forgive me and seriously, I’ve regret all my wrong doings all this while.. sorry guys.  Hope you’ll forgive me and start a new life in this new year.  Peace =D

To my 3 lovely strawberries
Thanksssss for everything sisters! And congrats to mun mun aii coz you finally have darus now. Hahahahah. And zura, thanks for everything that you did this year kay? Bwak pg klcc. Hahahaha. You’re the bombzz! And last but not least miaaaa! Our cik mat! Hahaha. She’s skinny but still nak diet2. Cam nk lempang je. And this will be our last year nk lepak sme2 kan? Next year kau dh blagak, pg france kan? Poyo lahh. Hahha. Neways, thanks sisterssss! Me love ALL OF YOU!

To my dearest Love, Mohd. Syabil
Thanks for everything dear. Being with you for almost 7 months, is seriously meaningful. I enjoyed every single moments that we spent together and it’s impossible for me to leave such a great guy like you. you’re seriously amazing  and i’ll never let you go. I promise, love.