Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Seriously, genting was superb! HAHAHHA. And omggg, thanks for everything sayang. So many things happened there kan? Hahaha. Sempat gaduh lagii. Mcm ape je. But I had one of the best moments in my freaking life :DD. so, gerak genting awal gilaaaa. And blek malam. Hahah. Best best. Next time pegi lagi kay? After spm. Sbb nnti pakcik sobari marah sbb slalu keluar. Heheehe. After came back from genting, singgah mid valley jap. Hhahaha. It was around 8? So yeahh. Had dinner together and beli pencilbox. From miss whatever called, CHERRY CHERRY BOOM BOOM. Hahahahaahahh. I knowww! I’m turning 17 and I still get some pinky girly stuffs. Hahahaah. Can’t help it lah. Still can’t accept the fact that I’m old :p But hello? I’m only 17? Not 27 kay? Still called ‘TEEN’ at the back. Hehehehe. seriously, i hardly even believe that i'm turning 17. time flies fucking fast kay? it's like MAGICC. hahaha. but nevermind baby, don't you worry, cause you wont be 17 forever! ;D let's be more optimistic bout it. i'm getting old, so. after this, no one should be saying, 'you're the yougest but you're the biggest in your family.' screw you, coz I am 17, and I should be big. YEAHH. good answer! haha. and next year, uh huk! 2011. spm? yeaayyy! i'm so ready! hahaha. fcker. who's ready for spm? nobody. that's the fact kay? just accept it. alright. back to school life. omgggg. next year is my last year of school! ZOMGGG. eeei. i'm gonna life my life as a student to the maxx babeyhh! :D and and. can't wait to meet my babeeeessssssss! amanda & shamira, I MISSSSS YOU GUYSSS LOADSSS! get ready to hear my stories during this hols kay? just chill and listen, coz i'll seriously force both of you to hear my stories. hahaha.

oh waittt. i have the stupidest story ever. and i fucking hate you, FAT ASS!

few days ago, I went to the GSC at mid valley. konon lah nk tgk janin kan coz the poster looks creepy? so yeah. and when i was lining up dkt gsc tu, i saw this fat girl, she's 17 lah. after spm kan, so she's working there. and yeah, from my school. of course i remember you. you're so fat and ugly, who wouldnt recognize you? yeah babe. i'm insulting you here coz your attitude tu, mcm sial. *dun wanna mention yr fucking ugly name here* so heres the story. back to janin. haha. sounds so wrong. so i requested for 2 tickets for that movie. so she's like, awak form 4 kan? and i was so stupid and i said yup. like hello? kau kenal aku kot? tkkan tipu kn? then she was like. owh, janin 18 above. tkbleh. *laughing with her friend* i was like, you're kidding right? coz AS FAR AS I KNOW we're only not allowed to watch 18+'s show if we're in our uniform? , of course i know. i've bought 18+'s movie tickets for so many times and no one ever stop me? so i told her, err. before ni boleh je? and she said. err. tk brani lah. pg counter lain. next! OWHKAYYY! i was so fucking angry. she actually ignored her customer just liddat? kau sape doh? stakat kuli kat gsc, tkyah nak belagak lah? bajet kau gemuk aku takut? ok fine. i'm big too. but she's SO MUCH FATTER THAN ME! and i glared at her, when to the next counter and I GOT THE TICKETS OKAY? kau pg mampus jelaa lagi sng. mse kecik taknak mati. dah besar susahkan org. feel like stepping on her fats! oi gemuk! pg slim down la wehh. tkyah nak belagak. haihhh. dun know what's her problem lah. ok syiraaaaaaaa, it's almost 4? stop cursing and better get some sleep now.hahahah. byeeeees. ♥syiira