Saturday, December 25, 2010

when you look me in the eyes

lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala. kays, i'm freakingg bored at home. and i think dlm semua post pun ade pasal boring kan? ok, dont care. whatever. so.. zura's going to bukit tinggi tmrw. damnn. nak ikuttt. honestly, bukit tinggi tk best pun. tkde pape pun. but the buildings are the BOMZ. haha. sarah's favourite word. but seriously, building kat situ semua cantik2. mcm kat overseas. that's the best part lah. and we actually planned to have family dinner with my eldest sis tmrw night. yeah, of course with her husband lah. but then she suddenly told us that she might not join the bowling or karaoke after the dinner. like, whaaaaat? klu stakat dinner je? bapak bosan? so yeah. she said that her husband, which is my brother in law, lol wants to watch this drag thingy kat cyberjaya. ughhhhhhhh -_____- you've been watching that stupid show for the past few weeks kot? dragged my sister along kan? k fine, tu not my prblem, she's your wife. but then tmrw night, couldnt lepak with us sbb nak tgk drag lg? dude, SERIOUSLY? or you saja nk msukkan issue drag sbb mls nk join our family? is that so? haiyaaa. so when zura knew that she might not join us after dinner, she proceed her plan with her friends pg bukit tinggi. grrr. so annoying. sometimes, i just hate being the youngest in my family. they hardly even listen to whatever i said. FUCK. so whatever lahh. i'll just continue with my hols with my crazy daily routine. tidur pkul 4, bgun pkul 2. HAHAH. i'm the best girl ever kan? lol. come on lahh. let me do whatever i want before school starts. and papa dh awal2 warning, NO MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEXT YEARR! oh yes. fuck. how am i suppose to live without having fun? i'm kindaa useless, so i need entertainment. HAHAHA. and i'm not even sure if he allows me to go to icc concert next year :( nvm, dont you worry baby. hahhaa. i'll get my sister to talk to him. hehehe. and next week, yeah i think next week. i'm going out with syeera. awww i miss my HOT teacher. she's so hot. hate to walk with her. hhahah. yeahh, need to get a new pencil box. my current pencilbox is so freaking ugly kay?and and my bestie even gave me a pencil case for my bday present. HAHAHAH :D so yeahh. buying all  those thing next week.

can you please do me a favour? help me  stop the time so that  i dont have to go back to school and sit for spm. come on doremon. stop helping nobita. help me instead :(