Friday, January 7, 2011

I love my god damn school :)

first day, 
so, datang2 je. babi awal. around 6.50? so msuk class. yeahh man! was the first there. so reserve tempat for sham and kaylee. and my place was superb. btol2 bawah kipas. and tgh. klu kipas tu jatuh, mmg mati. then pg assembly. kne marah sbb takde blue tag. wtv shit lah. i'm form5 kay? stop bugging me, bugger! then ttbe cikgu announce my class kene tuka blek class form4. so remain kat last year pnye class. cun. dkat dgn canteen :D so, dgn semangatnya, lariiii blek class, took my stuffs and cao to the other class. sitting with Amanda my baby :) then around 5 minutes.. semua mcm suspens nk tggu form mistress baru. then suddenly, she came in. everybody was like, OMGGGGG! HAHHA. ok. no comment. moving on :) she told us that new timetable, ade maths everyday. awww. how wonderful! looked at manda, LOL! seriously, we love maths damn much kay? cant help it. haha. after recess, it was raining, so i went back with her. damn tired and sleepy. so tidur.

Second Day
 datang awal lg. then dtg2, class lock. fucker. lepak next door, tidur. then class bukak, bgun, masuk class. and manda ttbe ckp. OMG SYIRAAAAAA! YOU ________! i was like, FUCKKKK! it's only my second day, dah bad start dah. damn pissed. almost cried. then cool myself down, dah okay, blek class. start lesson. it was such a cold morning. slow kan kipas, then ttbe kne stomach ache. like gila2 pnye stomach ache. nk jalan pun sakit. takde sape nk dukung. hahhaha. then balik, eat medicine. in short, my second day was damn terrible.

Third Day & Fourth Day,
nothing much.

tak study sgt, sbb ade registration for clubs, societies and all. nak join sukan rakyat coz it's new and most of my friend masuk, but line pnjang mcm cibai. so lantak lahh, join ping pong. hey! im not that bad in ping pong kay? got 2nd in sports carnival in form3. kira okay lah tu. got interact, got pbsm. YEAH! pbsm. hehehe :)
done with everything, went to clare meeting. over semangat then, sakit tekak. :x after that, pg tuition. that teacher was superb, then pg library, until 6, went to cherry to wait for my dad, dad came, jam. fuck. sleep in the car, and finally reach home! zomgg! so tiring kay? it's only the first week of school and i can already feel the pressure. homeworks, study, tuition, koko, house practice, damnnn. i'm seriously lifeless now. NO JOKE.  dah tak selalu text, and surprisingly, i have too many things to do till i just dont feel like talking.well, really hope this will all paid off later. and of course, my new year resolution is to achieve what i want in my freaking life. it's not too late, it's never too late. i've regret once, and i promised it wont happen again :)