Sunday, January 2, 2011

L to the I to the F to the E to the L to the E to the E again,and to the S.

wake up in the morning feelin like WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i slept at 3 something, and i woke up at 7. mmg lah kan? why? pg jogging kat tmn jaya. hahhaha. ttbe je my parents cam beriya nk ajak exercise kan? tk pnah pun jd bfore ni. and of course lah lari dgn mia. she's such a bitch. god knows mana dia dpt energy lah. she's superb. me? haaaaaaa. lg la best. fat ass. lari sket dh penat. -_- and she pulled me to join this group exercise thingy. and the best part, i yawned. :O hahha. lepas lari, penat sume. papa hilang. mane tah dia pg. then have to look for him. jln jln jln jln. jmpe kt parking. cam bodoh je. then pg gerai, makan. hoyeahh. hhahaha. they'll be sending hr back to her maktab. ughh. no laptop, no broadband, jst me and parents, fuck. i hate it. and zura balik next weeek. yeayyy! k2. gtg. nk siap anta cikgu kurus ni. hahah. byeeeees!