Saturday, March 19, 2011

I think I wanna marry you :)

so,  I was really bored last night, on facebook je macam haram kann? so, at first tengok2 page org je. thennnn. I cam up with a better idea. hehe. I stalked Syabil's facebook. checked out all his older posts and and, then best part was, when I read his changed relationship status. the likes and comments, somehow it made me smile :) it's still kinda unbelievable. hehe. but well, without even realizing it, we have been together for 9 months now. wohooo. I'm with the same guy for 9 months. yup, and this is my longest relationship so far. I used to be that girl, yg cepat sangat boring dgn byf, but i guess i changed now. hehe. but honestly, there's no csuch thing as 'tak pernah gaduh' kan? we always fight.why? coz my goddamn boyfriend loves to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! omgg sabar gila dgn perangai monyet dia okeyyy! hahaha. then there was once i was really pissed at him coz he slept while we were texting. he didnt reply when he didnt answer my calls coz dia tidur mcm ape je kann? so then the next day, i did my revenge! i didnt reply his messages at all. and he told Zura bout it. and she scolded me! HAHAHHAHAH. i'm not suppose to be mad la, ape la. I know i'm not suppose to be mad sbb tidur, but still, it pisses me off! haha he has to accept the fact yg his girlfriend cam tk betul sket kann? :p but I know you're happy with me. how I knw? like DUHH. hahahah. 
but lemme just mention it here kay, if he is not Syabil Faziruddin, I dont think my relationship will be as long as this. i knw for some of you, 9 months mcm it's not even a big deal, dun even have to blog about it. but IT IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME. coz I'm diff. haha. it's my blog anyway, so shaddap ah? so yeahhh. that's about it. cheers! :)