Saturday, March 5, 2011


Okay, I’m not here to bitch bout anyone pun. I’m here just to express bout my feeling. What do I feel at the moment. Sorry if I offend anyone of you. but trust me, I’m just trying to be honest. Why? Coz I’m not the person yg suka confront others bout stuffs yg dh jadi. It’s a waste of time ok? And come to worse, kalau dorng tknak admit, and ‘hair pulling’ incident might happen lah kan? So, malas. Lets just settle here. First of all. There’s always a reason of stuffs that I do. I’m not that stupid little person who love to pick a fight with others. That’s just not me. If I refuse to tell you anything bout it, there must be a reason lah kan? Maybe dia tk fhm, and at the moment, I just cant explain anything to her. I know it’s my fault, but nothing much actually, so mls la nk story sgt kan? I’m afraid if you might get it in a wrong way. That’s just it. bukan ade pape pun.

I may not be THAT smart, but I’m not STUPID.

I know wht you told others bout us. And I bet, even if I ask you, smpai kiamat pun you wont admit. Its okay, everyone has the right to defend themselves. And I, what else can I do other than just to accept it kan? Mulut org, kita tkbleh nk tutup. So I guess silent is the best solution? Hopefully. But I’m kinda disappointed with you. I thought you were my friend, you were there when I need you. I always share everything with you kan? And of course, I actually love you, babe. But then is this what I deserve? Like seriously? I dunno… I will definitely forgive you, our friendship is too strong to be ruined by a stupid thing. But I need time to get over everything at the moment. Just gimme some time……..