Sunday, April 17, 2011

God knows my real intention, unlike you, MEAN people.

Haihh. Macam ni lah kau buat aku kan? Depan baik, kat phone baik, tengok2 buat camtu kat fb. Thanks a lot kay? Thank you , at least I knw your real intention towards me now. And I swear I’ll never trust you anymore. Ever. Well, of course, the reason why I was concern about her is because she was my friend. We were friends since std 3 okay? Then when this happened to her, of course I was sad. I don’t give a fuck if you think I was pretending when you saw me crying the other day coz I’m as not fucking fake as you! I’m not! I’m not a drama queen, like you! I was really sincere, and I honestly care bout her. I gave up and met her eventhough I refused to talk to her last week at the library. I put away all my ego coz I know this is just not the right time. Then fine, since dia pun tk appreciate aku lgsung, kau pun perangai macam HARAM JADAH dgn aku, then fine! I wont give a fuck bout anyone of you anymore after this! I’m so speechless. I never knw you would say that bout me, on fucking FB. by the way kau sebenarnya taktau byk sgt pun psl kitorang, well, kau tau lah jugak, tp tkdela sampai semua kan? tp kauu. hek eleh. semua orang pun tau, kau cakap, nak gebang je. tak main ah tak tahu2 ni. smua benda pun kau tau, ye tak? baguslah macam tu :)  I was just trying to be nice, and this is what I get kan? Thank you so much, may god bless you mean people. 

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