Monday, May 2, 2011

pak! pak! kompangg~

alright, after around 6 months of escaping from attending wedding ceremony, i surprisingly attended my cousin's wedding just now. hahaha. the last wedding i attended was my sister's wedding? i dont really like to attend weddings. dunno why. just dont like. haha. oh, and jealous lah sikit. knowing that they're old and matured enough to build their own family and all. but dont get me wrong, its not like i'm too miang nak kahwin skarang kann? i've my own life. but i have loads of plans for my wedding already. semoga ade jodoh and tk jadi andartu. AMIIN :) hehe. i was freaking sleepy okeyyhh! coz last night, had dinner and pg karaoke with Zura till 3 in the morning. so bile mama kejut, was like, damnn! ngntok lagii. and sakit tekak sbb mlm tadi nyanyi mcm dunia ini kita yg punya! HAHAHA *gelak setan* and ohhhh-myyy-goddd~ my baby Yang Adam Hariss dh besar! tkdelah besar sgt, but he's one month old now. alololo so cute! i ignored everyone when he came to me! and semua pelik sbb adam susah nak org dukung dia. sikit2 nangis. but he wants me. ho-yeah :D hahaha. i seriously cant wait for my sister's baby coz i friggin love babies! tapi mse baby jela, dah besar, tk suka dah . by the way, Zura got her new car dy! in other words, I have my new transportation. but since kakak sy tu sengal lagi, terpaksalah postpone dulu plan2 dlm mse terdekat ni. but still, she has a car already! hahaha. k2. its getting late, dark outside~ need to be with myself and centre, clarity, peace, serenity, yeahh~  xoxo fergie. nights! :p

btw fugly bitch,
aku tk kacau life kau dah,
so jgn kacau life aku.
fair enough!