Sunday, May 29, 2011

took my heart to the limit, and this is where I stay,

Happy Belated Birthday To My Sister, Munira Ahmad! well, her bitrhday was on the 24th of May, but since semua org pun tak free, we had to celebrate it last night :) and we watched KARAK too!and time tgh dlm cinema tu, Kebil sayang texted me. that time dia baru habis activity so dlm gelap pun, i replied his messages coz I MISS HIM ALREADY!  hehe. last week tgk Nur kasih, this week Karak, next week Voice from grave please? hahaha. kakya wants us to stay over at her place this week. but i have tuition on monday and tuesday -.- so i dunno. HAHA. but i really want to stay at zura's place coz her place is damn cool. *jakun jap. hahahha. and y'know just now my mom bising2 cakap nak pegi Cameron Highlands. i was like, huh cameron? seriously? nak pegi lawatan sambil belajar ke ghapo? i duont like cameron :( i want to go to the beach and watch the sunset with my love :( okay. tu poyo. haha! nahh. seriously, i miss watching the sunset. tak kesah la dgn sape pun. it gives me a calm feeling which is awesome. eiii. taknak la pegi cameron! i'm not freaking 7 okay? im 17! ceh... bajet dah besar sangat. hahhaha.