Friday, May 27, 2011

boy I think about you every night and Day... :(

alright. first of all, exams dah habis. so i'm kinda allowed to berangan and live in my own world now? hahaha. so i went out last wednesday. With my shortest sister, and her kononnya friend? and me, with my kononnya friend too? hahahh. k k tak. my boyfriend :) so i really want to watch INSIDIOUS. but my sister taknak coz she's just being coward! hahha. no lah, she lives on her own so yeah, mestilah takut kann. so we both watched insidious and they watched something borrowed. insidious? well~ honestly, it was freaking scary. its like haunting me, y'know? its DAMN DISTURBING. i repeat, DAMN DISTURBING. but my crazy Amanda cakap, not scary at all. haihh. crazy trunk :p hahaha. we met back after movie coz i'm going back with her. 'balik dgn kakdik takpe, lambat2 pun mama tak marah sgt'. HO YEAH. AWESOME SISTER :) so we went back around 9. and she was right! mama tak marah sgt. hehe.
and i had tuition the next day. it starts at 4, so I went mv right after school to get some stuffs. took cab back to PJ and told him to wait fr me so that i dont need to cross alone. hahah. it was around3, so lama lagi before tuition starts. so we went cherry and i forced him to get iced jelly. he didnt want at first, but i forced him. he can never say 'no' when he's with me! HAHA! evil much? hehe. everything was fine until he told me that he'll be going for a camp in Kelantan for a week. i was like.. ohkayy.... a week without him? witout his messages? without his calls? seriously..? :( we've been together fr almost a year, tak pnah pun tak text for longer than 2 days, and now, for a week? haihh. i dunno. its not like i dont trust him or anything. its just that, Kelantan is so far away. and he's going there by bus. i'm so worried bout his journey there. Dear God, please bless their journey there. and i really mean it. take care sayang. i'll miss you and of course, I love you! 

p/s: to the person who asks stupid questions kat my formspring, GO DIE.

xoxo ♥