Wednesday, June 8, 2011

me and you, setting in a honeymoon.

lalalala~ okayhh. just got back frm cameron with my family without my 2 other sisters. HAHA. padan muka kena tinggal. too bad, coolie bank susah nak dapat cuti kan? hehe. so i slept with Mia. ohmygosh she's extremely crazy. it was my first time like, spending all the time with her, coz usually kalau pegi family vacation, I'll lepak with Zura. so that was totally our first time doing everything together. but we had an awesome time tho. we went cameron without any preparation okay? didnt book any hotel or anything. nothing. it was like gambling? coz if the hotels there are fully booked, means we had to sleep in the car or balik kl? haha. but thank god, there's this awesome Cameronian Innyg still ade bilik :) so i'm sharing room with Mia and my parents in diff room. (duhh~) alright, here comes the stupid part, omg stupid me -.- kay, before we take our stuffs in the car, i was wondering, asal bilik ni takde air cond? kipas pun takde. i totally forgot that we were at Cameron Highlands yg sejuk. but it wasnt really my fault. it was mid day when we arrived, so it wasnt THAT cold. so i asked, er.. takde air cond ke? kipas? my family started laughing. then the owner said, we dont need fan or air cond here. then my dad ckp, kat sini sejuk laa. i was like, huh? but its not that cold now? so lepas amek barang, i took off my shoe and masuk la bilik. DAMN. the floor was super cold. HAHHAHA. and omg. so embarrassing! i shouldnt have asked her that! k.k whatever :) pastu tetiba ade family org putih datang. and my sister said dorng ckp french. so she tried to talk to the father. and he understands! haha. pastu ttbe dorng speaking pulak. dad, mom and I was like...okay...tak fhm. hahah. sorry la, kitorang tak amek french language education~
and yeah, it was super cold at night. -.- freezing kot. haha. alright gtg byes~