Thursday, June 9, 2011

sweet escape :)

lime-green-jello! hi! lol. so, skip tuition today coz papa balik kampung and malas nak gerak sendiri and even kena tunggu lama kat mcd tu since nanti balik pahang, baru papa amik. so, malas. hehe. so yeah, i washed everything today. washed my bag and my shoes. tu la~ gedik lagi nak beg putih. kan dah kotor. haha so what? D: finished everything, on laptop, online. saw Effa's video link on youtube. eii. tak suka.tak suka. hahhah. its their first anniversary already. time flies really fast kan? and mine will be on th 14th which is next tuesday. its on school day and ade tuition pulak. sucks -.- but sokayy. :) and yeahh finally get to be with the person that I truly love. hehe. I'm so happy to have you. though you could be really annoying sometimes, I still love you. hehe.