Sunday, July 10, 2011

doin' great. yeah right~

last week was a total shitty-est week ever. seriously. i missed Interact's biggest event, International Understanding Day. oh and before that, I missed larian 1 Malaysia too. cool gila kan? kan? cam nak terjun swimming pool je. i missed it coz my family buat kenduri kat kampung. it's my sister's kenduri, so takkan adik dorang yang tinggi ni takde kan? and the best part was when my mother scolded me for cutting the potato wrongly. I mean, same je kot? does that make much different? it'll turn into shit anyway kan? haiyo.and that's the reason why i hate to help out at the kitchen. sure kene bahan like shit -.-

by the way, Assunta's sports day is on this coming friday. FUCK THEM.
seriously, i swear, i'll be in school on sports day ONLY for Amanda and Kaylee coz i really want to support them. Dear captain, i friggin hate you and you short little dwarf, too bad for you coz you couldnt do anything to fix your face. cant wait to see 'the pretty you' on that day! i guess you really want to embarass yrself by comparing yrself with the other 3 houses. HOHO.