Monday, August 1, 2011

Excited mood :O

since my sisters are all back this weekend, we decided to accompany our eldest fat sister to get some stuffs for her baby. coz this is the last weekend bfr fasting month kan? so it's better to get everything done by this week.
first stop, . Parenthood Exhibition @ Mid Valley
damn. mid lagi. I'm so sick of Mid Valley. setiap hari pun pegi situ. takbest sangat tauu. hahaha. anyway, sampai je around 3. OKAY :O  it was damn crowded. and dah kate pun parenthood exhibition kan? mestilah yg ramai couple. hahha. so while kakya and mama sibuk2 pilih barang, Mia and I jadi sengal jap. ade a  few mascots yg ade kat situ. to attract budak kecik sebenanye. tapi kalau budak 17 dgn 19 tahun nak attracted pun boleh  :p so, mula2 cam malu malu dengan budak kecik kan. macam jakun je dgn mascot even dorang tak pape. HAHA. then bila budak kecik dah tak ramaii............. lalu sy pun berkata, B, cepat amek gambar aku! HAHAHHA. and i took picture with the mascot. heee. buat muka tak malu je boleh? bia lahh. kau takde kan gmbar dgn mascot tweety? hehe. then mama bising sbb kitorang hilang tiba tiba. hehe. after almost an hour of shopping and having fun with the mascots, dorang beli nii.
 yup. baju baby je pun. tu pun lama sangat -.- oh and some baby shampoo la. and OMG THOSE BABY STUFFS ARE SO CUTE :'( comel gilaaaaa! tiba tiba rasa nk jadi babysitter pulak. HAHA.
so if you think we're done with the shopping, you're WRONG.
Sunday, next destination, IOI MALL, PUCHONG.
yup. it is one of the boring shopping complex ever exist in this whole wide world. kejam tak? no lah, but seriously, takde benda pun kat situ. except fr their cinema yg COOL. but unfortunately, takde kawan yg stay area puchong. so, memang takboleh tgk movie dekat sana -.-' anyway, ikut jela kan? its better to join them than  to stay at home. hehe. so they bought more baby's outfit today. and mama got her tilam ape ntah. its big and quite heavy. and and IOI escalators sangat lah bodoh. provide trolley tapi takboleh guna trolley dgn escalator boleh? how the hell should we get down? nak junjung trolley tu laa? boleh jugak la sebenanye kan, ioi? -.-
so we decided to carry everything instead of using that trolley. on our way home, nampak banyak luggage kat area tu. and Mia  needs to get it asap. so dengan gediknya she bought a super cool red luggage. and it weighed 5 kilos. guess who's gonna carry it all the way from the shopping complex to the car park? ME :) like duhh~ i'll be such a useless big girl if i refuse to help her kan? plus she's so skinny. she might break her bone while carrying it. i wonder how will she carry that huge luggage that weighed around 20 kilos to France later. b, need my fats? ;) HAHA. oh, wanna see how big is it? i wasnt kidding when i said its huge, kay? check this out!

it looks cool coz its red! hehe. so yeahh. that's bout my weekends :) I'm so excited to be an aunty but I'm not ready to let my crazy sister leave to France. but i knw she's independent enough to stay there on her own. ok ab. if you're reading this, jangan perasan sangat. haha. kays, gtg. till the next post :)

xoxo syiira :)