Wednesday, August 17, 2011

please be good to me ♥

time flies so fast. and guess what bitch? its August! damn. there's only a few months left for me to wake up as early 6 in the morning and get ready fr school. maigodd. seriously? haha. i'm gonna miss all that soon.yup, i mean soon :) right now, i'm feeling damn suckyyy -.- it is as if my brain is gonna explode or something. have loads and loads of things to memorize. c'mon lahh. don't be so mean. postpone spm boleh? fr me? kays that's impossible. fine wtv. and not to forget, this year Raya wont be as cool as I had bfr this. I'm not even sure if we're gonna sleepover at my grandma's place on the first day of Raya since my sister will be leaving to France on the second day of raya. so thats it. I'll be roommate-less fr the next 3 years? well,that doesnt make much different actually since Mia spent half of her age staying at hostel. but still, she's my sister, and I'm gonna miss her. that's fr sure :)

and, Being an Assuntarian is awesome. Assunta is the best girls' school in PJ kay? have anything against that? just shaddap. it's my blog. I met super cool friends here and it's impossible fr me to frget the memories we had back then. honestly, I'm trying my best to avoid frm listening to 'Graduation' frm Vitamin C coz I'm not ready to cry over everything. I should seriously treasure these few months left and just live my life with my awesome friends :)
and lastly, my relationship with him..
I'm gonna miss all the moments we had in our school uniform. ;).
its knw hard to stand my attitude sometimes kan? but you went through it fr a year. hoyeah. haha. i know things might not be the same after this but I really hope our relationship will last forever as we promised each other. I can hardly be in a relationship fr even a month but I made it with you. only you. and thats why I love you :) xx