Friday, October 8, 2010

i love her more than i love my boyfriend :)

well. as you all know, my eldest sister is married, and that means that i'll be staying alone with my parents, and  that'll be really really scary huh? so, its kinda obvious that my 2nd sister, zura is trying to spend more time with me during this hols. she wants me to stay with her for this few days before my school starts and obviously, we had so much fun together. i was the one who wanted to go to times square this week. well actually i planned it with few of my classmates, but for some reason we had to cancel it. so my sister took me to times square on wednesday. its pretty cool to go out with her as she'll pay most of the stuffs that i bought. hehe. and the best part. she took me to her condo's pool. there were only both of us there. we had this stupid race where we're suppose to swim across the pool. not exactly swimming. running i think coz we both dunno how to swim. haha. we laughed like hell till the guard looked at us. damn funn. ill be going back to my parents' place tmr. and we'll be going to mid valley to get something before she send me home. she's being really nice to me. ever since i was a kid and i thought she would change when i grew older coz that's what happened to my 2 other sister. but i guess she's not that type of sister. she's too kind to me till i felt really touched. i'm not THAT close to my eledest sister, but i feel lost when she left the house and she already has her own family to take care of. i even cried during her wedding, knowing that we wont be as close as all this while. and i'm not sure how terrible i would cry on zura's wedding. i'll be really sad i guess. and as we grow older, i realize that we can never be as close as we were still young. we'll have our own family and the saddest part is we might only meet like few times in a year?? haihhh. cant  we just stay like this forever? :(