Saturday, October 9, 2010

we are still TOGETHER, you bitch!

i KNOW you are.
hey bitch. what's your problem? oh by the way, i bet  youll read this coz i know you really really LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to stalk my blog kan?kan?
it's okay dwarf. i know you're jealous of me, and i seriously have to be proud of it man!
alright, fyi, i stop posting stories bout him HERE, ON MY BLOG because we have OUR OWN BLOG. it's " "
yup, it's OUR blog and sorry laahh joyah, it's private. so u and ur mulut longkang wont get to read it lahh. awwww. sorry :( so, you dont really have to post benda2 yg amat menyedihkan and sadis kat ur brand-new- ugly -blog kay? dont really have to put that song as your blog title! you really want his attention, dont you?well,  i think you should join the LOAD club. oh, i forgot. you're stupid. err. LOAD stands for Lack Of Attention Disorder Club. yeaahh man! you will perfectly suits there. and btw, continue adding me on fb everytime you online kay?? dun stop tau. add je. coz approving you will be the last thing i do in my life, dwarf!  just mind your own bussiness and take care of your REMPIT boyfriend, alright?