Thursday, November 4, 2010


FINALLY! i can blog againn :) it has been a while since i last blogged. no joke mann. anyway, so many things happened around me and i dont think my fingers are strong enough to type everything out. hahahha. so.. let's start with exams. err. it was okayy i guess? but i seriously studied this time. and I sacrifised my maths and I focused more on sejarah. thank god i answered everything for sejarah. and my maths? well, it was really easy, seriously. and my marks are really unbelievable! hahah. thanks to amanda for being such a great maths teacher :D yeah man, i know, hahaha.

moving on. - 28th October 2010.
It was my sweet sixteen :) yeahh. i'm finally sixteen. yeah2, i know i'm young and TALL. that's the important one. so, on my birthday, nothing really happened cause my last final paper happens to be on my birthday, i know right? :( so yeahh. went back home as usual... oh, but i'm sympathy towards my ears. hahaha. cause  syabil and i were on phone for almost 24 hours on that day. hahha. anyway, it was a great day!

Saturday, 30th October 2010.
I was officially invited to go for a 'brthday date' with my boyfriend. lol. do i really have to make it sound so official? hahah. so.. we were suppose to go for bowling and movie cause he said he was afraid to go for the roller coaster, so i was like okeyhh, no prob :)  and on our way to the bowling,the roller coaster passed and i paused for a few seconds. i mean, i really wanna go!! but.. haihh. so then he told me, if i really want to play, then he'll just follow, since it was my bday afterall. so we went. seriously, it was so scaryy! and ill never play it again. and to my girlfriends, kalau korang nak main, main kay? but im not gonna play. hahhah. and thanks for the cute present sayang. seriously, it's EFFING cuteee! weeee! hahahaha. seriously, it was the sweetest date I ever had in my life. and im thankful for having such a sweet, caring and understanding boyfriend like you, Syabil. there wont be any other you. ONLY YOU!

special thanks to my classmates and ALL my friends for the birthday song the other day. it was seriously meaningful :)

p/s :  say whatever you want, post whatever you like, but 1 thing for sure, it wont effect our relationship, like seriously :)