Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i hate this part right here...... :/

right. i bet you can guess the situation im facing right now just by looking at the picture above. okayhh, i'm like, UGHHHH -______-
so here's the deal. my sister's second reception will be held at Batu Pahat Johor this sunday. and usually, someone have to accompany the bride there. and she has to be there few days before to do some preparations lah. and here comes the trouble. I have to be the person who has to accompany my sisters. ONLY ME. why? because, my  other sisters are working and have class on thursday and friday. so in short, im the only one who's free, and my parents are like so call forcing me to accompany her? alright, i'm not that mean kayy? it's just that I dont want to go there on wednesday, which is TODAY. i had to miss Shout Award and Interact Carnival because of her reception and now i have to go there early? like wtfish? i dun even know anyone there. plus, it's YOUR in laws and not mine? should i really bother? like seriously?
anyways, as your sister, i have to accompany you right. so yeahh. i'll just go and be nice to everybody, like i always do. YEAHHH RIGHT :p hahahaha.
(fingers crosses for this whole thing) 
byees :/