Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i'm back :D

so, I  got back from johor on sunday :)  how was it? it was OKAYH :D well, i was a little homesick for the first two days. seriously miss my red home and purple room. HAHA. i cried and I called my ZURA. she's more than just a sister to me. and not to forget, to my beloved sayang, Syabil Kebil for accompanying me for the whole three days there! omg, i'm so thankful to have you guys! alright, back to top. we were there since wednesday, till sunday. but my family came on saturday, so basicly dorang sekejap je kat johor. but abg darus's family is really friendly, more friendly than my sister? AHAH. jk. and the homestay was superb! hahaha! it's like some kind of mansion, it's seriously worth dying for. hahhahah. oh.... and i learnt something new. i learnt how to make 'kuih koci', you know the round sticky thing with sugar inside? yeahh man i lovee it. huhu. but the sad thing is, kat situ byk gila kucing. so i'd have to suffer from it. seriously, i think it was around 3 of them? and what else can i do but to run away from them? HAHA. jadi bahan kat sane sial. :( sume org ejek. jahat :( hahaha.
oh, and though i had to missed shout awards, its okayy, doing everything for my sister afterall :)