Tuesday, December 14, 2010

boom boom wow! :D

hey!hey! omg, i bet NO ONE would believe this, but I actually went for a thing called kem ibadah? LOL.I know righttt. omg, when my dad first told me bout it, I was like SERIOUSLYY?? ME? KEM IBADAH? WHAT THE FISHHH? yeahh. and he said if I refuse to go, he'll never allow me to go anywhere with my friends and he'll stop giving me money for this hols. daymm. so, it seems like I've no ther choice lah kan? So I HAD to go. owh, it was last weekend btw. and night before it, I couldnt sleep. I was so scared. knowing that I had to be like 'religious' there? lol. And I decided to play the sims3. HAHAHA. I was soo into my sims family, and I realised that it was almost 4. and I was suppose to wake up at 7 the next morning. fishh! i off my lappy and I tried to sleep. but I couldnt sleeeeeeeeeeep! And I on my laptop lagi. dengar lagu....then ngantok. so I finally slept around 4.45. and the next day.........

but I dah to get up jugak. the thing starts at 8.30, and my mom dh bising sbb kononya dh lmbat. pdahal start pkul9. so p.o lahhh. then after my parents went home, baru igt nk rest jap, but unfortunately, dh start activity. and I had my migrain lah of course. tak cukup tido kan...
and we had to cook using those charcoal and stuffs, MA FAN! but my group members were really helpful :D the cooking session was quite fun since ade org tak reti nk buat  api, and tk reti nak siang ikan. HAHA. but my head was spinning like hell kay? and the worse part, i didnt even have panadol. so I had to went through it. yeahh i know. sedihh kan? oh, and when I was there, sembahyang full kay? no joke. unbelievable? believe it! HAHAHA. and that night, my mom bought me panadol. Finally!! so mlm tu tido, then dah okay dah :) oh jap. and before tidur motivator tu tunjuk gambar accident kepala putus. ZOMGG. damn scary, and I was afraid to go to the toilet on my own, and my mom had to accompany me :) I know, i'm so immature kan? and surprisingly, i'm the oldest there. but my behaviour mcm the youngest pulakk :p

We had to get up before 4.30, which is soo uncool. wth? bru nk tido dh bgun? haiihh. fine, wtv. bgun jela. bgun2, tk mandi pun. sejuk gila. pg toilet, and terus pg surau. YUP. SYIRA PG SURAU PKUL 4.30 :D
hahahaha. so yeahh. lpas smayang, mkn, activity sume habis, mandi and closing ceremony lah kan? then balik :) so in short, i had a great time there, and of course, made new friends there. HAHA. seriously, when I first reached there, I was like, oh great. sumpah tak kenal sape2. hahaha. but yeahh. but their seriously friendly, and as i said, really helpful except for some of them -__- but the rest are all good to me :) and should I make a special thanks here? haha. yeahh i should, to all my new friends there, thanks for everything! I know I'm kinda old and useless, HAHA. but you've all helped me a lot!  thankss to Ika, Danisha, my group members; Wan, Syafiq, Syafiq, haha. Nafi, Adib & Haziq (even kau tk tlg byk sgt.) HAHAH. anyways, thnks loads kay? it's nice to meet new friends when you have issues with your friends, you know? and i thank my parents for sending me there, at least it reminds me of God and I hope that' it'll make me change from a not-so-good to a better person. :) ♥ syiira.