Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm addicted and I just cant get enough.

owh... I knew something that totally broke my heart. DAMN. I shouldn't have stalked kan? see. bila dah tau. sedih. k k whatever. anyway, i chopped off my fringe last sunday. well at first ajak mama teman potong rambut, then dia ckp. potong pendek? NO. fringe je. then dia ckp tunggu papa balik. so tunggu smpai petang, lambat gila dia balik -.- then ttbe balik, carik gaduh. tk bagi online. ughh. so pissed off. so masuk bilik, baring kat katil. and suddenly i saw a scissors on the table. HAHA! potong sndri sudeh... so yeahh. at first igt nk trim je. then ttbe rasa rindu nak buat bangs balik. so, buat lah. it was fugly at first. sumpah tak sama panjang! pastu fix everything and i looks alright :) believe it or not, i took almost an hour  to fix my hair. haha. but at least save money nak pg saloon kan? hehe. but i think i look chubbier with bangs, which is gross. HAHA. wtv lah. my fringe cepat gila pnjang. so yeahh. nak upload gmba, but cable tkbleh function pulak -.- so nnti  lah. till then,

p/s : i dah add balik those yg i think dah takde issue dgn ssape pun. so its up to them to approve it or not. i'm over everything :)