Saturday, May 14, 2011

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

hii. finally, i'm back blogging. apparently, this week was damn stressful. exams week kan? Library tu, dah jadi macam my 2nd home dah. mcd tu, dah jd my 2nd room. HAHA. spent most of my time dekat PJ, padahal rumah dekat puchong. AWESOME. kan best kalau rumah dekat. lepas skolah boleh balik. tak mcm puchong. beribu batu jauhnya. ok, tu tipu :) 13 km je pun. hehe. so last thursday, maths exam. so Fasihah dgn cuaknya text, Syira! esok pg library jom! study maths! hahaha. so dgn persetujuan Erin ku sayang untuk mengajar and my daddy! daddy cool~ to pick me up at 6, maka, study lah maths dgn Erin and Fasihah kat library. until 5.30, pastu dah starving, so pegi makan dgn Erin. eeiii. it was so thoughtful of her to teach me maths for 4 hours okay? seriously! sayang erinnn and fasihah sbb sama2 blurrr :p
then the next day, history paper. memang terbaik teramat sangat sbb tak baca form4 chapter 5 and semua yg keluar chapter tu. WOW :O thanks cikgu. but thank god i managed to answer the essay questions. tgk subjective questions, and i didnt know half of it. almost cried weyh. serious shit! after that paper, i was quite down actually. coz I really want to get A for this test. but it seems like it wont happen again? last test dpt A tu sbb nasib je kot? -.- sokay sokay. study je.
so next week science, agama and econs. Agama? well~ ustazah tu ajar semua pun FAHAM. so confirm boleh jawab. same goes to science. FAHAM SANGAT SANGAT :')  so yeah.. study jela.. lpas study exercise, kuruskan badan. baru boleh jd stewardess. (walaupun mama tak bagi) HEHE.

here comes the best part ♥
today is our 11th months anniversary. hehe.
for the first time in my life dpt stay in a relationship for this long. WOHOO congrats to myself.
love you Syabil :)